Lifestyle-Drugstore ships orders to the following countries:

United States, UK (Great Britain), Ireland, Italy, Spain, Australia, France, Greece, Greece

The delivery system of Lifestyle-Drugstore is reliable due to the vast experience of co-operation with different carriers. Among them Registered mail is the most efficient and reliable shipping option that is why we set our choice on it. In order to receive the order without any problems the customer should provide a valid billing and shipping address.

We have a guaranteed delivery. The standard shipping period takes from 14 to 28 business days. The order will be shipped via Registered airmail.

You will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation after our pharmacy ships the order.

We would like to draw your attention to some temporary changes in terms of shipping time.
Since the current COVID-19 issue has been impacting the logistics and supply chain globally, we are not able to commit on the timelines for delivery and tracking status so it may take 1-2 months for your order to be delivered.
We are seeking your understanding and would appreciate your remaining patient!

In case of any problems with the order Lifestyle-Drugstore will offer you a free of charge re-shipment or a full refund of the amount. Please, notify us about any problem with your order as soon as possible not later than within 6 months from date of the shipment.