Chargebacks Policy

Lifestyle-Drugstore is a website which has won its reputation of a reliable pharmacy broker having been in business for almost 12 years.

We know how much it takes to gain trust and respect of the clients. That is why we are very attentive to reviews, comments and especially complaints of everyone who has become our customer.

Despite our serious control of the suppliers’ work – there are situations when a client may be not satisfied with a shipping time (which sometimes does not depend on us) or received product.

To keep all of you, our dear customers , satisfied – we are 24/7 ready to hear your complaints, requests and meet your claims. And you may always contact us to get a reship or refund.

However, if someone decides to avoid peaceful settlement and makes a chargeback – he should understand that this asperses our company name and gets us into penalty charges.

Such client gets into blacklist of our website as well as other websites affiliated with us. He won’t be able to change his details, address, name and be registered again to make a purchase. NEVER. With our serious verification system it is impossible to work a hype on our Risk Department.

The only way to be unblocked after this – is to pay all the orders plus 100$ penalty via BITCOIN system.

That is why to escape such inconvenient situations we ask all of you to be receptive to issues which may happen sometimes. Let’s solve them without third parties to have a win-win!